Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                    Be a Kitty Angel

A Tribute to Ziggy's Life... June 2003 - Nov 2017

Ziggy's legacy will live on through all the lives he has rescued and all the future lives. 

Ziggy was the most gentle loving soul, his heart was full of love, play and kindness. 

He will be terribly missed. 

We love you Ziggy and will never forget you!

If you would like to meet any of our cats please call 310-365-2872


Mia is 10 months old and cute as a button! She is an energetic, outgoing, playful, and cuddly kitten who loves people and other cats! She is perfect except for one thing—she has a seizure disorder. Mia started having seizures when she was about 5 months old. We have done lots of testing to find out why, and her neurologist finally concluded that it must be some type of congenital brian issue, such as epilepsy. Mia is a special needs kitty and needs a very special adopter—one who has the time to medicate her three to four times per day. She is currently on three different anti-seizure medications, which cost about $85 per month. We are hoping that Mia might grow out of this someday, but there is no guarantee. If you might be interested in adopting this very special girl, please contact Christine at 949-573-0300lick here to edit text

"Wrigley is the sweetest little kitty and such a lady! She loves to play all day and to give her foster mates baths in the sun. Her favorite toys are feather bouncers, squeaky mice and crinkle balls. When it's time for sleep she'll let you know by hopping on the bed and softly meowing until you lie down with her." 

We rescued Moo from Hurricane Harvey. She is such a great cat, super friendly, just wants to be your buddy.

This kitty has been though a lot, she is so ready for her forever home. 

Please let us know if you would like to meet her?

Mew is a sweet, pretty, and petite black panther kitty, who is only 1 1/2 years old. Her owners surrendered her to us because they had a baby and didn’t want her anymore. We can’t imagine how they could give her up, as she is such a friendly and lovable cat! Mew enjoys cuddling in her foster’s lap, playing, purring, and making biscuits! Mew would love to find a new family who will love and keep her forever!
Meet Dylan is a spectacularly fabulous 5-year-old kitty. Dylan is a sweet talker and a very good communicator. He loves other kitties and people and he especially loves to cuddle. He is a super cool kitty.

You can meet Dylan at 
My Pet Naturally  
12001 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Meet Tommy -- a very handsome young kitty. We rescued him on his last day at a high kill shelter.

Tommy is very playful and enjoys playing with other kitties.

Mandy is a young petite kitty. She does not like other cats, would need to be in a home with no other pets.

Mandy is a kitty that needs her space, she can be very sweet, she is working on her trust issues with humans. We think she could of been abused before ending up at the shelter. She is most deserving of a good loving and patient home.

Meet Miracle. She is a darling, affectionate and cuddles with her people at night. She is well socialized and currently in love with a Great Dane named Lola. She’s got gorgeous markings! A sweet little personality that is mellow and enjoys meeting new people. She has grown up in a pack, so would do best with a playmate. In solitude she might not thrive. She is very playful as a kitten ought to be and is learning to cat purrfectly. 
If you have any questions please contact  Christine Arevalo 

If you can't decide whether you want a cat or a dog, you want Snoopy. Snoopy is outgoing and curious. He follows you all over the house and curls up in the crook of your neck when you sleep. He loves other cats, but is respectful of other cats space as well. Let goofy, loyal Snoopy be your best bud. 

Snoopy is 11 months old. 

Meet sweet Jamie. A handsome white cat with orange tabby markings and very soft fur. He was adopted from the shelter as a young kitten and returned months later only to be put in danger of being killed. He got sick with upper respiratory while he was with his owners and they did not get him the medical care that he needed. The illness damaged his eyes and the shelter wanted him to make it out safely. The rescue community rallied to get him out just in time.
Jamie was shy at first in his foster home and was given lots of love and time to get comfortable with his new surroundings. He was taken to Eye Care for Animals and was examined by an eye specialist because of corneal scarring. His eyes will never look better but they will not get any worse. He can see and do everything any other animal can do. His vision is what it would be like to look out of dirty sunglasses in one eye and a mirror that is fogged up by steam in the other. He eats well, loves wet food, has excellent litter box habits, plays with toys and enjoys the company of other animals. He likes climbing up cat trees and looking out windows. He has made himself very comfortable in his foster home and has grown more confident. He comes to you for attention and petting, likes to be picked up and held, will sit on laps to snuggle. He is a happy and gentle cat. Jaime is looking for his forever home where he will get the love that he so deserves.


He is very intelligent, curious, playful, loving and lovable boy. He is a very good kitten, loves playing, sleeping Anytime his foster family is a playing a board games or just chatting ,he must be in the center of our attention and participate. 

His favorite foods are turkey, chicken, beef. We feed him only natural and organic foods. Jack is approx.. 10 months old.

Are you looking for me?

If you are looking for a loving, affectionate sweetheart, than I'm your girl!

I'm a black beauty aprox 6 yrs old. I love play time with toys,being with my human(doing anything), cuddling on the couch, or curling up in my kitty bed.

I always use my litter box and I like to eat. I enjoy my kitty scratch pad and know how to use it!

I love to be pet gently and I'm pretty mellow. I nap a lot and get along great with my foster mates, even the foster dog!

I hope you'll ask to meet me and spend some time with me.


Meet Chanel -- a sweet and elegant kitty.  Chanel was rescued on her last day at a very high kill shelter in LA.  

She is a low key and very agreeable in general. She's an incredibly versatile cat; she will tolerate other cats, she's learning to enjoy sitting on laps & walking on a halter

Chanel is a healthy kitty approx. one year old.

Meet Roxie, who is very loving and playful 10-month-old calico. She gets along great with other cats and probably dogs too.

Well, hello MISS SCARLET! We rescued this little purr machine from one of LA's highest kill shelters. Scarlet is about 1.5 years old and is such a love bug! She gets along well with children and other cats, and she is waiting patiently to find her forever home.

Meet sweet Sylvia, a darling senior kitty with lots of love to give. Sylvia is approx 9 years old, very healthy, and has many years ahead of her.

Meet Nahlia - This happy-go-lucky sweetheart is a 1.5-year-old female domestic short hair who loves affection from her humans as well as other kitty companions. She’s very laid back and easy to get along with! Nahla is independent and can amuse herself with a variety of activities and toys. She is a real cuddle bug and would be the perfect family cat! Nahla is a special girl, and we know she will make some lucky adopter very happy indeed!  
Meet Bobbi - This stunning exotic kitty with huge green eyes would probably do best as a single kitty or maybe with one other kitty companion. Her family had to give her up do to allergies. Poor Bobbi has been moved around a lot since she lost her home, and she is SO READY to have a home to call her own. Bobbi is 1.5 years old.2.