Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue, Inc.

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If you would like to meet any of our cats please call 310-365-2872

Heather and Paris are two siblings who love each other!
Therefore, theses bonded babies cannot be separated. Why would you want to separate these beauties anyways! 
Heather is always friendly and curious, while Paris is a bit more skittish at first until he gets to know you. 
Both are sweet as can be.. To adopt these beauties, please call June at (310) 308-9815
Charlie is a one handsome dude and he knows it!
He prances around knowing that he’s the talk of the town!
He is big lion king that just wants  BIG LOVE!
Please call June at (310) 308-9815 to ADOPT this guy!

Rexford is a a REAL HEARTBREAKER and Mama’s boy! Unfortunately his mommy became ill, so had to give him up. 
Therefore he is a bit shy around strangers at first, but once he warms up he’s quite lovable! Rex is 5 years old and 
needs to go on a diet. Food provided. Please call June at (310) 308-9815 to make arrangements to meet this sweet guy!

Henry is a distinguished and perfect gentlemen who will keep you company when 
you like, but also senses when mom or dad need a little space. He is also loyal to 
the end! He will sleep at the foot of your bed and wake you up with kisses!
To ADOPT Henry, please call June at (310) 308-9815

Meet Biscuit & Wrigley. These two sweet, playful kittens are buddies. Each came from different shelters on their last day.

Both are around 5 months old. Healthy and ready to be adopted.

Meet Greyson - what a handsome kitty he is!

We saved him on his last day at the Moreno Valley shelter. Greyson is a very mellow cool cat.

Frederick misses his mom something terrible! 
She had to move out of state and couldn’t take him with her.
So now he just waits and waits for her to come home.
Can you be Frederick’s new Mom? Please call June at (310) 308-9815

Snow is a sacred white boy who has the beautiful distinction of having one blue eye and one green eye.

Turkish Angora cats with blue and amber eyes are considered a national treasure in Turkey.

Snow is very sweet and loving and looking for a new best friend to love him with all their might! 

Please call June at (310) 308-9815 if you are interested in meeting this beautiful boy!

Georgie Boy is a very unusual looking guy! His black & white markings
are stunning in their own right.. Georgie will follow you around like a pup if you let him..
He’s playful and  just wants a new bestie! Call June at (310) 308-9815 to meet and ADOPT sweet Georgie!

Meet Stevie -- just look at that cute little face with is mini mustache!

He is a fun loving kitten with the cuties personality!

Stevie is about 3 months old.

Meet Tomas -- When we rescued Tomas from the Orange County shelter he had very bad eye infection. We were sad that Tomas had to have his eye removed. Hasn't made any changes in Tomas's sweet playful personality. The day after the surgery he was paying in his cage like nothing ever happened.

Meet Chanel -- a sweet and elegant kitty.  Chanel was rescued on her last day at a very high kill shelter in LA.  

She is a low key and very agreeable in general. She's an incredibly versatile cat; she will tolerate other cats, she's learning to enjoy sitting on laps & walking on a halter

Chanel is a healthy kitty approx. one year old.

Meet Roxie, who is very loving and playful 10-month-old calico. She gets along great with other cats and probably dogs too.

Meet Tank - What a fabulous senior kitty! He is sweet and mellow, and he has made so many new friends since his arrival at NKLA.

Tank is approx 10 yrs old and FIV+. You can meet Tank at our cat condo at NKLA in the Bel Air Room.


PHONE: (424) 208-8840

1845 Pontius Ave, West L.A. 90025

Dexter is an adventurous and playful kitten! If you're looking to get lots of purrs and kitty kisses, Dexter is the one for you! A perfect day for this fun-loving kitten includes running around the house looking for new places and toys to explore. He loves his naptime, but also the love and attention of his special person, including belly rubs!

Dexter is 9 moths old.

Chance is a 10 month old super sweet, calm little guy who loves to carry and play with his mouse!  Neutered with all vaccinations, he is waiting for a loving forever home.  He is white with a little gray spot on his forehead and beautiful soulful sky blue eyes.  He is a well-mannered but playful kitten who has a much calmer nature than most kittens and loves to curl up next to you and sleep on your bed.  He does not play bite.  Chance would make a great loving addition to a family. 

Mason is such a sweet, mellow kitty. He's a big soft love bug! He is 6 years old and would love a home where he can hang out with you, snuggle on your lap, and sleep on your bed at night. 

Just look how sweet Mason is...

Meet Pagoda - This lovely senior lady is about 15 years old and still has some great years left to enjoy life! If you a looking for a mellow companion kitty, Pagoda is your girl! 

Meet Sailor - This sweet, affectionate, playful 3-yr old boy needs a new home. Sailor is a playful and loves obviously loves to snuggle.
Well, hello MISS SCARLET! We rescued this little purr machine from one of LA's highest kill shelters. Scarlet is about 1.5 years old and is such a love bug! She gets along well with children and other cats, and she is waiting patiently to find her forever home.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Lovette is a 10+. This 1-year-old beauty is the perfect playmate, who loves to ask and answer questions, adores other cats, runs on the giant “cat wheel,” sleeps on your chest, and offers “love nibbles.” You’ll never wonder what Lovette is thinking—she will always tell you! Catnip mice are her favorite toys, and she’ll leave them for you in special hiding places around the house, including her own water dish! Entertaining, silly, and sweet, Lovette is looking for her new best friend!

She is good with other cats. 

Sweet Emily was labeled feral at a high-kill LA shelter, but we knew she was only scared. What a wonderful save this was, as she is such a sweet, shy kitty. Now in a foster home, she has come out of her shell and is loving life. 

Meet sweet, sweet Zoey, an owner surrender due to her family "having a baby." Sad but true. This poor kitty was so depressed at first, but now she is coming back to herself and anxiously awaiting her new forever home, one that will not give her up for anything!!! Zoey is 3 years old..

Another photo of Zoey -- such a sweetie!

Meet sweet Sylvia, a darling senior kitty with lots of love to give. Sylvia is approx 9 years old, very healthy, and has many years ahead of her.

Mickey is a 1-year-old neutered boy rescued from the street. He is the sweetest boy that I have ever fostered! He loves attention and following you around the house--he is a great buddy! Mickey is waiting patiently for his forever home. 

If you would like to meet this handsome guy, please contact Melanie at 323-­788-­8448 or Tony at 818-­822-­6136.

Meet Nahlia - This happy-go-lucky sweetheart is a 1.5-year-old female domestic short hair who loves affection from her humans as well as other kitty companions. She’s very laid back and easy to get along with! Nahla is independent and can amuse herself with a variety of activities and toys. She is a real cuddle bug and would be the perfect family cat! Nahla is a special girl, and we know she will make some lucky adopter very happy indeed!  

Meet Beans - Good ol' Beans, he is such a playful loving kitty cat! He loves to lay next to you and roll around for belly rubs! Besides being devastatingly handsome, Beans is a sweetheart. He is only 1 year old, but he has been looked over so many times, and we just can't figure out why! He's a Ziggy favorite! 

Meet Bobbi - This stunning exotic kitty with huge green eyes would probably do best as a single kitty or maybe with one other kitty companion. Her family had to give her up do to allergies. Poor Bobbi has been moved around a lot since she lost her home, and she is SO READY to have a home to call her own. Bobbi is 1.5 years old.2.

Nickel is such a handsome guy! Check him out! Nickel has a great, outgoing personality, but he would do best in a home where is he the only kitty, where he can be king of the castle! Nickel is very loving and is searching for someone to be his loyal best friend. He also gets along with dogs.