Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue, Inc.




501c3 Non-profit

Founded May 1, 2013

It’s a tragic fact of life that throughout Los Angeles City and County alone there are a dozen-plus high kill shelters that each euthanize more than 100 cats per month. This kill rate increases during kitten season for these stray, abandoned or dumped cats and their babies. Add to that the mature and elderly cats that are no longer wanted and, for most of them, a cage at the shelter is their final stop.

Our mission is to give these beautiful death row cats and kittens a second chance.

We will do this by rescuing them from shelters, neutering, spaying, vaccinating and finding them homes. Depending on the health of the cat, rescuing just one can cost between $250 and $400.

Ziggy and Friends mission is to save these innocent little lives that are so deserving of a second chance and a long and well-loved life.

Please help us spread the word.

Joyce Newman

Founder & President


  • We need foster homes for rescued cats while looking for their permanent homes.
  • Also needed are people to adopt or sponsor and – importantly -- we need donations that increase our ability to save the lives of more shelter cats.
  • Volunteers are needed to transport cats from shelters to their foster homes or from there to their forever homes.
  • Please make cat owners that you know and meet aware of low-cost clinics and the importance of spay and neutering.